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Oswald Chambers - Personal Piety Combined With Flawed Theology by Bob DeWaay
Issue #132 Spring 2016

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The Word of God as a Means of Grace

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The Suffering Servant Dies For The Many and is Glorified - Isaiah 53
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Galatians 1:1
With Bob DeWaay and Eric Douma
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Filling Up the Sufferings of Christ — Colossians 1:24-26
This difficult passage has often been misused by those who claim that the “merits of Christ” can be added to. We explain and defend the eschatological view that Christian suffering is necessary and eventually reaches the limit that God has set for it. What is lacking that is being filled up are sufferings that will ultimately reach that limit and God will avenge His righteous ones. God reveals His truth to those who are like infants and not wise in their own estimation. We must contemplate the claims of the gospel and respond with faith and obedience.

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Purpose Driven – Rick Warren

Free Purpose Driven discernment tool. Purpose Driven vs. Scripture verse. Easy two column guide for all 40 days.

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